I have a doctorate in habit-change, specialising in sustainable health, weight loss and well-being. Habits are a proven strategy for successful long-term weight loss and I absolutely love that I have this opportunity to apply my research insights to the real world so you can get all the benefits from the latest research (without reading all the medical literature yourself). 

Our programs feature:

- ONLY apply evidenced-based methodologies - if it's not scientifically proven, it's not in our programs 

- Based on the most up-to-date research

- No fads, no diets, no pills or potions

- All foods are allowed

- Working with your body, not against it

- Helping you transform from a place of wanting to, not having to

- Positive support and a guided journey

- Expert advice

- A whole lot of fun!


Our mission is to provide you with a game-changer weight loss program through a reliable and evidence-based solution to managing your weight and well-being - long-term.