Want to advance your knowledge of habit change?

Join the Habit Change Practitioner Course and learn the latest science of habit change. This course is perfect for anyone passionate about sustainable change, whether that's to up-skill your own knowledge, or to work with clients to help them finally reach their goals.


Once you learn the skill of habit change, you can apply it to all areas of life… health, wellness, business, productivity, sustainability, relationships, etc. The possibilities are endless. 

Course features:

- 12 educational modules delivered over 5 weeks

- LIVE online delivery via Zoom 

- Interactive virtual classroom 
- Delivered by Dr. Gina Cleo 

- Based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence

- Available globally

- Personalised support 

- You receive a Habit Change Practitioner Certification 

- Ongoing bonus resources and content 

Course Modules:

This is only a snapshot of what is included in the course. 

- Habits vs Behaviours

- Neuroplasticity

- Forming new habits vs breaking old habits 

- Frozen Habits

- Automaticity

- The art of motivating clients 

- Measuring habit strength 

- Habits and the brain

- Harnessing moments of change 

- and so much more ...

                 Next course starts 10 June 2020