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By The Habit Change Institute

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Are you a coach, health professional, educator or manager?


Do you want to help your clients finally achieve long-term success?​

Become a Certified Habit Practitioner and learn science-based techniques for successfully changing habits.


Once you learn the skill of habit change, you can apply it to any area of life… health & wellness, business, productivity, sustainability, mindset, relationships, etc. The possibilities are endless. 

Course features:


  • 12 educational modules delivered over 6 weeks

  • LIVE online delivery via Zoom by Dr. Gina Cleo

  • Interactive and engaging sessions

  • Claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points

  • Based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence

  • Available globally

  • Personalised support 

  • You will receive a Habit Practitioner Certification 

  • Membership to the Habit Change Institute

  • Ongoing Alumni Training and access to resource library

  • Supportive Practitioner community 


Course Modules

Module 1. Principles of behaviour

- Understanding behaviour - Effective behaviour change - Maintaining behaviour change

Module 2. Defining habit

- What is a habit? - Characteristics of habit - Why we form habits

Module 3. Triggers

- Habit triggers - Choosing effective triggers - Cue-monitoring

Module 4. Forming habits

- Four steps to forming new habits - Habit-Formation Framework - Habit trackers

Module 5. Breaking habits

- Breaking old habits - Two effective strategies to break old habits - Behavioural flexibility

Module 6. The neuroscience of habit

- Brain anatomy basics - Three key brain regions - Information flow - Neurons and action potentials - Neuroplasticity - How to rewire your brain for success

Module 7. Automaticity

- How long does it take to form a habit? - Different types of habits

Module 8. Habits vs behaviours

- Our two brains - Self-control and ego-depletion

Module 9. Micro Habits

- How small changes make big differences - Micro Habits in practice - Layering Micro Habits - Self-efficacy - A six-step summary guide to creating a habit

Module 10. Implementation Intentions

- Theory of planned behaviour - Intention-behaviour gap - Changing habits with If-Then plans

Module 11. Evidence-based goal setting

- Essentials of goal-setting - Common goal-setting pitfalls and how to avoid them - Goal-setting anatomy

Module 12. The art of motivating clients

- Motivational Interviewing - When to use Motivational Interviewing - Preparation for practice

Dr Gina Cleo is a mastermind! Her depth and knowledge of the subject is incredible and her ability to articulate the concepts makes the Habit Practitioner Course is an engaging and highly relevant program both personally and professionally. Thank you!

Diana McShane

The Habit Practitioner program was incredibly interesting, relevant and wonderfully delivered. A great mix of practical tools along with neuroscience. Dr Gina Cleo is a great facilitator and I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to use habit based intervention in their coaching practice.

David Balshaw

This has been one of the best communities that I have been part of and have made great connections right away, which has been a pleasant surprise and an added valuable bonus. I've loved everything about the Habit Practitioner program.

Katie Jones