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Featuring Dr. Gina Cleo

The Wellness Rebellion Dr Gina Cleo Habits

The Wellness Rebellion

30 min

How many days do you think it takes to change a habit? And what are some of the ways we can begin to positively change them. Maz Compton and Dr. Sam Hay and joined by Dr. Gina Cleo to discuss all things habits, both the negative and positive and how are brain works so that we can trick it into changing for the better

Glenn Mackintosh Dr Gina Cleo Podcast.png

The Glenn Mackintosh Show

1 hr 24 min

Research suggests that half of everything we do is habitual. But most attempts to improve our health actually focus on changing behaviours rather than habits, meaning we still need to consciously use effort and willpower in order to continue our improvements in the long-term. Our next guest has identified this huge problem and made it her life’s work to research some amazingly simple ways to create healthy habits that last for life.

Leanne Ward Nutrition Dr. Gina Cleo Podcast Habits.png

Leanne Ward Nutrition

47 min

Gina and I start the episode by discussing what exactly is a "habit" and how we develop one. We chat about the neuroscience behind habits, the difference been a habit and a behaviour, how long it really takes to form a habit (this will surprise you!), how to stop rewarding ourselves with food or alcohol, tips to break unhealthy habits, how motivation ties into habits and long term success and how to actually achieve your goals.  

My Millennial Health Dr Gina Cleo Habits podcast.jpg

My Millennial Health

37 min

Habits are the key to seeing real change in our lives. There was no one better to bring into this space than Dr Gina Cleo, who has literally completed a PhD in the realm of habit science (!). In this episode Dr Cleo joins Jess and Chloe to talk about how to design habits that begin creating the results you want to see.

Secrets of a confident woman Dr Gina Cleo Podcast habits.png

Secrets of a Confident Woman

42 min

This episode is perfect for anyone who’s looking to change something in their life but feels like they’re stuck repeating the same old habits and behaviours.... over and over again. These tips WILL help you change your habits and increase your confidence! 

Still working on a New Year resolution? Want to lose weight? Stuck in a rut with business? Want to progress your career? Dr Cleo’s tips can help with it ALL, and so much more! 

How to Money Podcast Dr Gina Cleo Habits

How to Money

26 min

Are your habits holding you back from achieving your financial goals?

In this episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate chatted to Dr Gina Cleo, who has a PhD from Bond University in habit change. Kate and Gina discuss what habits are, strategies for creating good habits and breaking bad ones and some of the ways we can change our habits to improve our financial wellbeing

The Lifestyle Suite Podcast. Dr Gina Cleo Stress and Habits

The Lifestyle Suite

23 min

In this episode, health journalist Casey Beros taps experts for their top tips on managing and reducing stress. She explores the impact of stress on the body and mind, its surprising symptoms and some techniques you can use to take back control. Explore stress from every angle with heart surgeon Dr Nikki Stamp, positive psychologist Dr Tim Sharp, habit change expert Dr Gina Cleo and dietitian Dr Joanna McMillan.

The Lifestyle Suite Podcast. Dr Gina Cleo Stress and Habits

The Lifestyle Suite

17 min

We talk all things breaking unwanted habits with habit expert, Dr. Gina Cleo.

Wellness Warriors Felicity Cohen. Dr. Gina Cleo Habits

Wellness Warriors by Felicity Cohen

32 min

In this episode, Gina breaks down those myths surrounding habit change and goes into depth about the three components of a habit, which include, trigger, routine, and reward. Gina now has the honour of running the Habit Change Institute where she teaches evidence-based strategies for achieving long-term, success through the power of habits, from breaking old habits to forming new habits and understanding motivation. With all the big lifestyle changes we have recently undergone, now is a great time to create those new healthy habits.

The Well Woman Podcast Jema Lee Dr. Gina Cleo Habits

The Well Woman Podcast

57 min

What are you like with habits? When you feel called to change up a habit and create a new one how do you go? Creating lasting habits isn’t necessarily easy however there is some rather cool science to it. With this episode being the first of a new year I could not of thought of a better guest or topic than good friend Dr. Gina Cleo and Habits of course. 

Join me and Dr. Cleo for a fun insight on habit change, the science behind it, as well as how to establish and create lasting habits to support propelling your health.