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The REAL Reason You’re Not Sticking to Your Goals with Dr Gina Cleo

Sole Wellness

Hands Up & Step away from the cookie jar 

How many times have you done something like it was on autopilot? Or you want to start exercising and getting up earlier but just can’t seem to make the habit stick. 

This week we are joined by Dr Gina Cleo who is one of Australia’s leading experts in habit change and has dedicated her career to helping people understand their habits and how small consistent steps can lead to long term outcomes. Gina holds a PhD in habits, specialising in sustainable health and well-being and has just released her book The Habit Revolution. 

We’re going to be talking about what it ACTUALLY takes to set or break a habit (and it’s not 21 days like you’ve read everywhere before!) and how you can make long lasting change, set new habits and break unhealthy ones that have been getting in the way 

Listen to this episode if you…

👟 Find yourself setting goals but never following through with them (we’ve all been there)

👟 Want to learn about the SCIENCE Of habits and how they can change your LIFE

👟 Have a goal you really want to achieve this year and will do everything to succeed!


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