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The Habit Revolution

Simple steps to rewire your brain for powerful habit change


Why willpower doesn't work and the remarkable techniques that rewire your brain to form good habits.

Beyond Atomic Habits, a practical and evidence-based guide by a world-renowned researcher on hacking your habits for lasting change. 

'If you've ever set a goal to start a new habit or break an old one and you fell off the wagon; if you've been in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, phone scrolling or alarm snoozing; or if you intend to do one thing but end up doing another, then you're in the right place.'
Why do you find yourself repeating unwanted patterns? What do you do when exhaustion creeps in and you lose your willpower? The good news is it's never too late to reprogram your habits. But how long does it really take and how can you make the changes stick?

Leading habit researcher Dr Gina Cleo reveals revolutionary breakthroughs in behavioural science that will help you uncover how your brain works, and how to rewire it to make instant and lasting change in your life. 

Discover evidence-based techniques to break free from unwanted habits, master your motivation and navigate setbacks to achieve the lifestyle you've always wanted, no matter what stage of life you're in. 

Packed with practical insights, inspiring stories and surprisingly simple activities to try today, The Habit Revolution is your guide to a life magnificently remastered through the incredible power of habits.

Available in hardcopy and audiobook



"The patterns of our habits intricately weave the narrative of our life's journey. The good news is, the future is not written yet and you have the power to change your habits to transform, restore and reclaim your self." 

~ Dr. Gina Cleo


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Healthy Habit Examples

Need inspiration with some healthy habits that you can add to your life? I've got you! Click the button above to see a list of  healthy habit examples.


COM-B Questionnaire

Every habit change requires capability, opportunity and motivation (COM-B). Use this questionnaire for habits you'd like to make or beak. 

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Paper-based Habit Trackers

Using a habit tracker is essential when changing your habits. Click the button above to download a paper-based tracker.

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Yoga Nidra Audio

Yoga Nidra is a powerful relaxation practice that's been shown to improve sleep, enhance feelings of wellbeing and increase baseline dopamine levels. Indulge in this powerful meditation track created by my beautiful friend Benny Holloway and myself, as we guide you to your inner oasis.


App-based Habit Trackers

If you're more of an app person than a paper person, click the button above to see a list of app-based trackers and download your favourite one.

Enlightening, inspiring and thought-provoking. The way Dr Cleo demystifies the science behind habits is unparalleled. Her work has changed my and my family's lives.  

Nicola Simons, UK

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