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Featuring Dr. Gina Cleo

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Dr Gina Cleo habits podcast

The Glenn Mackintosh Show

1 hr 17 min

Habits are the invisible blueprint of our lives, and changing our habits is the only way we can reach our goals long-term. But changing habits can be hard, and many people struggle to create healthier habits and/or break less-than-healthy ones. In our first ever repeat guest interview, habits guru, Dr. Gina Cleo shares some powerful insights from the field of neuroscience, and her inspiring personal journey, to help you create healthier habits that last for life. It's a vulnerable and at times emotional interview, and it's a goodie.

The aging project podcast.jpeg

The Aging Project Podcast

37 min

On this weeks episode of The Aging Project podcast we dive into the captivating world of habits with the incredible Dr. Gina Cleo. ✨ I think it was Aristotle who said, “We are what we repeatedly do,” and that’s certainly the case when it comes to ageing well. We all struggle to shake off old habits and create new ones. We’ve all been there – pledging to exercise more, sip less wine, or nurture self-kindness, only to circle back to the familiar. 🔄 Gina sheds light on crafting new habits aligned to what matters most. So here’s to embracing intentional habits that help us age well.

ELM with Miyagi Podcast.webp


Weekly episodes

The Eat, Live and Move Podcast by Miyagi, is a space where we bring you the latest, science-backed conversations, expert insights and practical tips relating to all things health and wellness. Hosted weekly by Preventative Health Specialist, Dr. Ross Walker, and Habit Change Expert, Dr. Gina Cleo.

ABC This working life podcast.jpeg

This Working Life

25 min

Our habits, good and bad, influence how we live, and how we feel and perform at work. And if you’re human, chances are you want to shake off some bad habits that set in over winter. Join Lisa Leong as she speaks with Dr. BJ Fogg and Dr. Gina Cleo to show you how you can do it (with zero willpower).

Hughesy, Ed & Erin podcast.png

Hughesy, Ed & Erin

12 min

Dr. Gina Cleo joins us for a fascinating insight into our baddest habits!

Dr Gina Cleo - Paul Taylor Podcast.png

The Paul Taylor Podcast

55 min

This is the podcast we all need to hear - why we have habits, how to break old ones and how to create new ones. We discuss the neuroscience of habits and how you can use the knowledge to improve your life.

Pass around the smile_Dr Gina Cleo podcast

Pass Around the Smile

50 min

In this episode, we discuss habits like emotional eating, bad sleep patterns, nail biting and mindlessly scrolling on our phones and also delve into habits which, I didn’t actually realise were habits! Like our reactions to people or situations as well as thought patterns.This is an inspiring chat backed by science and research. Gina discusses how self efficacy is the number one predictor of success. Dr Cleo and I also chat about sacrifices we subconsciously make through our everyday habits and how to weigh up if they are compromising our peace. Gina has so much to say on topics like self control, comparison, values and the connection we crave as humans - and you bet we touch on it all! Gina is all about consistency, not intensity. She says that setbacks don’t make you a failure, they make you human.

Thirty and a bit_ podcast Dr. Gina Cleo

Thirty and a Bit

42 min

Did you set any new years resolutions for yourself this year? And how are they going, almost 2 months later? Answer is... Probably not great. Habit expert, Dr. Gina Cleo explains why it's hard to create new habits and how to actually make new habits stick. We finish off the episode with a rapid fire round where Peet asks Gina where to begin to break the most common habits.

The Wood Life_Dr. Gina Cleo Habits

The Wood Life

28 min

Your daily habits may have more of an effect on your likelihood of achieving success than you realise. Everyday you may be engaging in unwanted habits, which are training your brain to get further away from what you want to achieve. Habit scientist, Dr. Gina Cleo, outlines what triggers a habit and how to break unwanted habits, and create healthier ones to get closer to achieving your goals.

Prevention Mag_Podcast Tile - Gina Cleo.png

Thriving In Menopause

22 min

Why is it that some people manage to lose weight then see it slip straight back on, while others keep it off for good? Dr Gina Cleo shares the surprisingly simple tweaks that will make it easy for you to stick with healthy habits, and recognise the unseen triggers that may be sabotaging them. Learn how to avoid mindless snacking (or that sneaky glass of wine after dinner) to making fitness a regular part of your routine and whatever else you hope to change to enjoy a healthy life during midlife.

Podcast Gina Cleo Your Brilliant Career Gillian Fox_edited.jpg

Your Brilliant Career

28 min

Have you ever wanted to break a bad habit that is holding you back? It might be snacking at night, being the one to always arrive last to meetings, maybe it’s speaking over people. It could even be the habit of arriving home and still being in your head from the day. In this episode, we explore how to create healthy habits for your career and life and how to break the bad habits – the habits that hinder your success at work or in life.

The Wellness Rebellion Dr Gina Cleo Habits

The Wellness Rebellion

30 min

How many days do you think it takes to change a habit? And what are some of the ways we can begin to positively change them. Maz Compton and Dr. Sam Hay and joined by Dr. Gina Cleo to discuss all things habits, both the negative and positive and how are brain works so that we can trick it into changing for the better.

Glenn Mackintosh Dr Gina Cleo Podcast.png

The Glenn Mackintosh Show

1 hr 24 min

Research suggests that half of everything we do is habitual. But most attempts to improve our health actually focus on changing behaviours rather than habits, meaning we still need to consciously use effort and willpower in order to continue our improvements in the long-term. Our next guest has identified this huge problem and made it her life’s work to research some amazingly simple ways to create healthy habits that last for life.

Leanne Ward Nutrition Dr. Gina Cleo Podcast Habits.png

Leanne Ward Nutrition

47 min

Gina and I start the episode by discussing what exactly is a "habit" and how we develop one. We chat about the neuroscience behind habits, the difference been a habit and a behaviour, how long it really takes to form a habit (this will surprise you!), how to stop rewarding ourselves with food or alcohol, tips to break unhealthy habits, how motivation ties into habits and long term success and how to actually achieve your goals.  

My Millennial Health Dr Gina Cleo Habits podcast.jpg

My Millennial Health

37 min

Habits are the key to seeing real change in our lives. There was no one better to bring into this space than Dr Gina Cleo, who has literally completed a PhD in the realm of habit science. In this episode Dr Cleo joins Jess and Chloe to talk about how to design habits that begin creating the results you want to see.

Secrets of a confident woman Dr Gina Cleo Podcast habits.png

Secrets of a Confident Woman

42 min

This episode is perfect for anyone who’s looking to change something in their life but feels like they’re stuck repeating the same old habits and behaviours.... over and over again. These tips WILL help you change your habits and increase your confidence! 

How to Money Podcast Dr Gina Cleo Habits

How to Money

26 min

In this episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate chatted to Dr Gina Cleo, who has a PhD from Bond University in habit change. Kate and Gina discuss what habits are, strategies for creating good habits and breaking bad ones and some of the ways we can change our habits to improve our financial wellbeing.

The Lifestyle Suite Podcast. Dr Gina Cleo Stress and Habits

The Lifestyle Suite

23 min

In this episode, health journalist Casey Beros taps experts for their top tips on managing and reducing stress. She explores the impact of stress on the body and mind, its surprising symptoms and some techniques you can use to take back control. Explore stress from every angle with heart surgeon Dr Nikki Stamp, positive psychologist Dr Tim Sharp, habit change expert Dr Gina Cleo and dietitian Dr Joanna McMillan.

The Lifestyle Suite Podcast. Dr Gina Cleo Stress and Habits

The Lifestyle Suite

17 min

We talk all things breaking unwanted habits with habit expert, Dr. Gina Cleo.

The Well Woman Podcast Jema Lee Dr. Gina Cleo Habits

The Well Woman Podcast

57 min

What are you like with habits? When you feel called to change up a habit and create a new one how do you go? Creating lasting habits isn’t necessarily easy however there is some rather cool science to it. With this episode being the first of a new year I could not of thought of a better guest or topic than good friend Dr. Gina Cleo and Habits of course. 

My Daily Business Coach Podcast Dr. Gina Cleo.webp

My Daily Business Coach

45 min

Any kind of behaviour change requires a lot of motivation, a lot of reminding yourself, and a lot of consistency. In today’s episode, Fiona talks to Dr. Gina Cleo, Founding Director of the Habit Change Institute / Assistant Professor of Habit Change. Tune in as they talk about interesting facts about habits and how it affects us!

Lifestyle Tradie Dr Gina Cleo Podcast.png

The Tradie Show

20 min

What day-to-day habits are potentially breaking your trade business? In this week’s episode, host Angela Smith is joined by leading habit researcher Dr. Gina Cleo. Together, they delve into the psychology around your actions and your habits, which might actually be holding you back in business. ​ Plus, Angela makes an exciting announcement about her NEW book ‘Tradie Wife: Why Winging It Isn’t Working (And Breaking Old Habits Will Help)’! With help from contributor Dr. Gina Cleo, this book is for every tradie wife out there who is winging it in their partner’s trade business; and feels invisible, isolated, and under the pump. It gives every tradie wife practical, evidence-based tips, and advice on how to fly high in their partner’s trade business. The best news? Lifestyle Tradie is giving away a FREE copy for a limited time! Click HERE to get yours today!

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