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Change your life through the power of habits

Changing your habits is the ONLY proven way to achieve long-term results. Once you understand your habits, you have the power to transform your life, forever!

Featured in over 200 media outlets, including:

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>> Want to learn how to create new habits and break your old unwanted habits, forever?

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Dr. Gina Cleo

Hi, I'm Dr Gina Cleo

PhD . Habit Researcher . Author . Speaker . Dietitian 

I trained as a dietitian where I had the privilege of helping people lose weight and regain their wellbeing. I noticed though that clients' results were only short-term. Within a few weeks or months, they would put the weight back on, or go back to their old ways and mindsets (how's that new years resolution going?).


Just like you, I wanted answers. So I put my clinic on hold and completed a PhD at Bond University in habit change. 

Through habit change, not only were people able to lose weight, they were able to keep it off long after the study had finished! The success of my studies quickly gained popularity in the academic and media circles and I felt compelled (well, more like summoned) to share this knowledge with the rest of the world. 

Drumroll please... I bring you:
- the 
Creating Healthy Habits Series - learn how to change your habits and transform your life with the power of neuroscience, and

- the Habit Coach Program - the most comprehensive habit course available designed to equip you to help others on their habit change journey. 


My passion is teaching people to achieve long-term success through the power of habits. 

Habits are the invisible blueprint of your everyday life.


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The Creating Healthy Habits Series is for you if you want to:

✔︎  Rewire your brain with the power of neuroscience

✔︎  Break unwanted habits for good

✔︎  Create new habits for life

✔︎  Transform your life

Where science meets long-term change.

In this practical and hands-on self-paced online course, you will be equipped with comprehensive tools and skills to help your clients change their habits and reach their lifelong goals.

The Habit Coach Program, is based on decades of research on the most effective strategies for achieving long-term success. You will gain access to the most up to date, evidence-based methodologies, packaged in easy-to-digest language. On completion of the course requirements, you will be Certified as a Habit Coach.

The Habit Coach course is simply excellent! The content is rich and exclusive. I feel equipped with a unique skill-set to help others break their bad habits and achieve their goals.   

- Elizabeth Lee, Mindset Coach

Dr Cleo is inspiring & her depth of knowledge & ability to present complex topics in a simple but relevant way is amazing! I highly recommend this course. 

- Katrina Hardie, Business Advisor


Dr Gina Cleo is one of the most engaging presenters I have come across. The content was presented at a perfect pace and Dr Cleo's passion and knowledge leave you feeling so excited and confident about sharing what you've learned after every single session!

- Julie Mauger, Health Coach


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