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Creating Healthier Habits Webinar

In this recorded live webinar, Glenn Mackintosh hosts habit guru Dr. Gina Cleo, as she:

  • shares her insights into the neuroscience of habits,

  • takes a deep dive into dopamine (and what pleasure and pain have to do with creating healthier habits), and

  • helps participants apply the neuroscience of habits to break the most common unwanted habit that most of us have!

Glenn also invites participants to master the mindset for habit change and rewire their brains with the power of neuroscience in a 12-week webinar series Gina is delivering within our online program, the Transformation Support Community.

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Find out more about the Transformation Support Community online program that contains Gina’s two webinar series.

Find out more about Gina’s original series, Creating Healthy Habits.

Find out more about Gina’s new series, Creating Healthier Habits.


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