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Unlock The Secrets of Sustainable Habit Change

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Did you miss our riveting session with Dr. Gina Cleo, acclaimed author of "The Habit Revolution"? Now's your chance to catch the replay of this enlightening show! Dive deep into the world of habits with Dr. Cleo, who seamlessly blends her journey from a dietitian to a leading habit researcher.

In this episode, Dr. Cleo unveils the mysteries behind why we stick to certain routines, the struggle to break unhealthy habits, and the surprising truth about the widely believed "21-day habit formation myth." Her insights, drawn from extensive research and personal experiences, including overcoming an eating disorder and navigating personal trauma, are not just informative but incredibly relatable.

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Are you battling to make sustainable changes in your life? Dr. Cleo doesn't just discuss problems; she offers practical, evidence-based solutions. Discover why setting smaller goals could be the key to your success, how to differentiate between habits and behaviours, and why motivation isn't always the answer.

Get inspired to reshape your life as Dr. Cleo shares her expert tips on creating micro habits, understanding the role of emotion in habit formation, and utilising habit trackers. This episode is more than just a talk; it's a roadmap to transforming your everyday routines into powerful tools for personal growth.

Don't let your habits control you. Take the first step towards a revolutionary change. Watch the replay now and start your own habit revolution!


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