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16. Science based strategies to form and break habits with Dr. Gina Cleo

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We’ve all experienced trying to start a new routine, only to be derailed by old habits. Habits can be both a powerful tool for starting new behaviours as well as a limiting behaviour that holds us back. And no one knows that better than Dr Gina Cleo.

As a trained dietitian, Gina noticed that her clients struggled to maintain their progress over time, much like those elusive New Year's resolutions.

Driven by the desire to find lasting solutions, Dr. Gina Cleo pressed pause on her clinic and completed a Ph.D. at Bond University. It was there that she uncovered the transformative power of habit change and its potential to impact every facet of life.

Now, Dr. Gina Cleo specialises in guiding people to transform their habits, whether it's for their health, technology usage, sleep routines, work and money-related behaviours, or relationship dynamics.

In this episode Gina share:

-      Why she got into the habit change space

-      What exactly is a habit?

-      Why do we form habits?

-      The 3 stages of the habit formation framework

-      How is a habit triggered in a person

-      What is the process of forming a habit

-      How do we as people form habits

-      Popular myths around forming habits and whether or not they are true


Key Quotes

“A lot of people have heard it takes 21 days to create a new habit. The research is actually that it is from 21 days and it can take up to a year or 10 months to create a new habit.”

“The simpler the habit you are trying to create, the quicker its going to be to develop.”

“We don’t want our goals to look anything like our shopping list.”

“Every habit has a trigger. If we remove the trigger then the habit no longer takes place.”


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