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Bad habits are breaking your business: find out why!

The Tradie Show

What day-to-day habits are potentially breaking your trade business? In this week’s episode, host Angela Smith is joined by leading habit researcher Dr. Gina Cleo. Together, they delve into the psychology around your actions and your habits, which might actually be holding you back in business.

Plus, Angela makes an exciting announcement about her NEW book ‘Tradie Wife: Why Winging It Isn’t Working (And Breaking Old Habits Will Help)’! With help from contributor Dr. Gina Cleo, this book is for every tradie wife out there who is winging it in their partner’s trade business; and feels invisible, isolated, and under the pump. It gives every tradie wife practical, evidence-based tips, and advice on how to fly high in their partner’s trade business.

The best news? Lifestyle Tradie is giving away a FREE copy for a limited time! Click HERE to get yours today!


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