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Creating new Habits with Dr Gina Cleo

Fearlessly Failing

Sometimes when I do a pod interview I feel like I've made a mate, and that was what happened when I interviewed Dr Gina Cleo. She's so generous with her time and knowledge. And can i say, get ready for your habits to change dramatically, there have been things I was doing wrong all along! So many habit hacks and myths busted in this episode! I hope you not only love it but learn loads from it too! In this episode we unpack Gina's brand new book The Habit Revolution, it's available now and I have the link for you below. Gina was also kind enough to share her Yoga Nidra track with us, i've listened to it, it's unreal and perfect for meditation. There's some extra goodies too! Enjoy my friends, what an inspiring way to kick start our habits for the 2024 year!


Yoga Nidra track:

Extra goodies for the keen beans that read the book and want more:

Gina's IG:

Free habit masterclass:


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