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Ep 169 Dr Gina Cleo - The Habit Revolution

Stand Out Life

Habits - all of us have them.

Some we’re happy to keep, others we’d love to kick. This time of year is the perfect time to get forensic about the habits in your life and how they are serving you.

As a trained dietitian, Dr Gina Cleo has helped people improve their health and well-being - however noticed that her clients struggled to maintain their progress over time, much like those elusive goals you might be grappling with at this start of this year.

Driven by the desire to find lasting solutions, she pressed pause on her clinic and completed a Ph.D. at Bond University. It was there that she uncover the transformative power of habit change and its potential to impact every facet of life.

In this conversation we talk about some of Gina’s personal experience, including an experience that left her questioning everything and required her to rebuild every habit in her life - starting with brushing her teeth. We talk about the importance of self-belief, of realising that steps backwards are part of the process (not proof it’s not working) and how important it is to chase rituals over results.

Dr Gina Cleo’s new book ‘The Habit Revolution’ is a game-changer when it comes to practical tools to explore and understand habits.

This conversation will leave you feeling empowered not embarrassed about habits, soak up the wisdom and warmth that is Dr Gina Cleo.


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