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How to Build Healthy Habits with Dr. Gina Cleo

The Parenting Couch

Want to create lasting positive habits so that you can live the lifestyle you've always wanted? We sit down with the inspiring Dr. Gina Cleo to understand the power of habits - and how we can use them to propel our lives forward.Dr. Gina Cleo is a trained dietician, author, speaker and habit researcher. Gina specialises in guiding people to transform their habits, whether it's for their health, technology usage, sleep routines, work and money-related behaviours, or relationship dynamics. She’s incredibly passionate about teaching and empowering people to achieve long-term success through the incredible power of habits.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How we can use the science of habits to improve our lives

  • What can we do to make habits stick?

  • What’s the difference between people who can keep a habit, and others who can’t

  • 21 days to create a habit - is it real?

  • How to create habits quicker (so you can reach your goals faster!)

  • The power of visualisation to achieve your goals

  • Why you need to set up your environment to support your new habit

  • How to stop scrolling on your phone before bed


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